Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More on the boat

Sounds like “Moron, the boat!” – only different…

Originally written for an email:

I took a brain-care break this evening and spent some time re-rigging her.  I'd gotten her all squared away back to as-built condition for that picture.  Well, except for the broken bowsprit. 

Tonight she got something of a makeover!  I added four screw eyes to her deck.  Two by the foot of the mast.  Those are for the Main and Jib Halyards, respectively.  She had been built with no jib halyard at all and the main was doing double duty as part of the standing rigging!  Talk about minimalist!  The other two screw eyes are mounted back along the rail just aft of amidships.  Those are for the Jib Sheets.  I suspect that whoever built her just couldn't believe the sheets for the "front" sail belong so far "back."

I made her a new bowsprit from some dowel stock I'd bought a long time ago to build a boat model from scratch.  I'll have to get some stain to match it to the rest of the model.  Also, all of the standing rigging has been replaced with proper black line as if it had been tarred to protect it from the salt spray.

That's about as far as we've gotten tonight.  Most enjoyable play and an even more satisfying model.  There will be more improvements made over time.  But I think we've made a good start so far.

HerrBGone  (who bears more resemblance to a younger E.J.Smith than to Jonas Grumby...)

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