Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I remember.

And I’ve done something about it.

I had the button pinned to the draw-string of my hoodie and while I was in line waiting to check out after filling out my ballot.  An election worker asked me to remove it.  “I know it’s not endorsing any candidate – but it’s against the rules.”  I didn’t make a stink about it.  I think my point was made by then anyway.  Apparently he didn’t notice the ‘antique bronze’ NRA logo pin on my vest’s collar or my standard membership pin on my shirt’s either.

Now if enough of my fellow American’s have voted in a similar manor to me and mine we can finally both fire and evict the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania and hopefully get the Ship of State off the rocks and headed in a better direction.

Polls close in a little under an hour here on the right coast.  I don’t know if we’ll have to wait for eight o’clock Pacific to get any returns other than the unprecedented tie in Dixville Notch.  Personally I’m sitting here with fingers and toes and everything else crossed (which is hopefully not too much of a sharing violation) waiting for the outcome.

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