Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mass Speaker of the House announces Gun Control Panel

There’s an article at on the subject of a new panel tasked with ‘reviewing and proposing revisions to’ the gun laws here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  A place I frequently refer to as Marxistchusetts for reasons that become painfully obvious to anyone who has the misfortune to live here. 

(Yes, I am planning to move.  I looked at a property in New Hampshire last night, as a matter of fact.) 

The article points out that “The task force does not include anyone from the gun lobby or the gun-manufacturing industry …”   After all, we wouldn’t want there to be anyone on the board who is actually an expert on the subject.  The second half of that sentence states one member is a "gun enthusiast and sportsman."  I don’t know any more about former Massachusetts and Louisiana Inspector General Robert Cerasoli than what’s in his bio on Wikipedia and there is no mention of his being a sportsman or what his position may be regarding the Second Amendment.  Still, one voice against seven where among the seven there is at least one noted anti-gun author.  In a court of law I would suspect them of stacking the jury.

Later in the article we find this nugget:
“Rep. David Linsky, D-Natick, has taken the lead on this issue in the House, filing a comprehensive bill to address gun violence that would require gun license applicants to disclose their mental health histories, prohibit assault weapons from being stored in homes, ban high-capacity ammunition magazines, and require gun owners to purchase liability insurance.”
Let’s rewrite this to be a bit more accurate:

Rep. David Linsky, D-Natick, has taken the lead on this issue in the House, filing a patently Unconstitutional bill to reduce private gun ownership that would require, among other things, the following:
  • gun license applicants must disclose their mental health histories to their local Chief of Police who has already been given cart blanch to disallow any applicant regardless of how qualified even if he has no real reason for doing so (not that actual criminals would bother to apply for permits for their [usually stolen] guns...)
  • prohibits modern sporting rifles from being stored in Citizens homes
  • makes mere possession of a common stamped tin box with a spring in it a felony even if you don’t have a firearm to put it in or any ammunition to put in it
  • and applies a burdensome Tax on Citizens who wish to exercise their Second Amendment Rights in the form of mandated purchase of onerously expensive insurance policies from private corporations
And that last bullet point is actually prohibited by RICO.  Think if it phrased thus: “Youz gonna do business with my associates in de insurance industry here or I’m gonna make bad things happen to you.”  Come to think of it, Obamacare violates RICO for the same reason!

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