Sunday, April 7, 2013

Apparently the comments are working

This I know from all the spam I get to read in my email. 

Back in my LiveJournal days The (Original) Dragonfly was subtitled "Shouting in the Wilderness."  That seems even more to the point around here.  I haven't been posting all that much because, why bother?  Nobody reads it.  Of course nobody reads it because I haven't been posting all that much.

We have an executive branch running wild and a congress that doesn't have the stones to do anything about it.  The UN arms trade treaty was approved by the general assembly with the express encouragement and approval of the administration.  The attorney general has been held in contempt of congress - but not faced any sanctions that I have heard about as a result.  A communist nation has used the tools of capitalism to capture the vast majority of the production capacity of what was once the strongest manufacturing economy on the planet.  American business leaders have yet to figure that one out!  The fed seems to be doing everything in their considerable power to destroy what little is left of the value of the dollar.  And all indications are that the occupant of the oval office may very well be an illegal immigrant! 

What can one lone disgusted and demoralized blogger do in the face of all that?

Or put another way: Why bother?

The flea market is scheduled to open next weekend, weather permitting.  I may have to look for a fiddle so I can teach myself to play while Rome burns.


Roberta X said...

You've got to do what you've got to do. Some people write. Some get too darned irked to do so. Either way is okay.

Tam said...

"I haven't been posting all that much because, why bother? Nobody reads it. Of course nobody reads it because I haven't been posting all that much."

You make it sound like a vicious cycle. :o

HerrBGone said...

Tam, I think it is something of a cycle. But it is nice to know that somebody does notice. Thanks!