Friday, December 31, 2010

Regarding posts from The (old) Eclectic Dragonfly

As I gather up and archive some of my favorite posts from the original Dragonfly I will be reposting them here.  I will try to repost in as close to the order in which they first appeared over there as I can manage, at least on a series by series basis. 

The first batch will most likely be from my Road System series.  There are others that will be included as well. 

Each repost will be identified as such and will include the original publication date as well as a link to its original home on the web.  I will not be reposting everything form there over here and I’m not sure yet how to handle reposting comments.  I may simply append them into the body of the repost (with proper attribution naturally) and have any new comments be distinguished by their being posted from within Blogspot’s commenting system.

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