Monday, January 3, 2011

More on the Road System

Originally posted September 17, 2008 

More on the Road System


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LawDog has a post up on the subject the use of Red Light Cameras in Great Briton and how they could find their way here if we’re not careful.  I’m not the only one who sees this for what it is.  While it is nice to have validation, I would much rather be wrong about this.

As to the cameras not being here yet – sorry, but they already are.  While I was mistaken about their presence at the lights in front of Wal*Mart in Lunenburg they are very definitely there at the lights in front of the new Super Wal*Mart in Lancaster.  And just up the road at the new Lowe’s and at the intersection a hundred yards up the road with I-190. 

That’s here in Marxistchusetts. 

In New Hampshire they are also present on the lights at the shopping centers on Route 101a just past Route 101 and at several other lights along 101a heading back towards Nashua.

This is not a future – soon to be here problem.  It’s being implemented RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. 

This has to be stopped!  But at this point I am open to suggestions…

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