Monday, January 24, 2011

Reasoned Discourse

The Lowell Sun has implemented “Reasoned Discourse” in their comments.  Apparently they don’t like it when readers point out errors in their reporting or, worse still, flaws in their narrative. 

In recent weeks, particularly since the Arizona shootings, the mainstream media including the Sun have fallen all over themselves trying it seems to out do each other in their calls for the infringement on our Second Amendment rights.  Even for its abolishment altogether.  The articles where they have allowed comments – far from all of their articles, I hasten to point out, have had a strong contingent of commenter’s who understand and honor the intent of the Framers of the Constitution.  Of course there are those who follow the reporter’s lead in spouting the Brady Campaign to prevent Gun Ownership’s taking points. 

While there have been abuses all along with people saying some truly nasty and inappropriate things, there has also always been the ability to flag posts for moderation and the powers that be have removed comments from the boards.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough.

In order to “insure civility in the conversation” the Sun has implemented a new comment policy.  Under the new policy you will have to log in and be known to the management of the newspaper to have your comments post immediately.  Anonymous posting will still be allowed, but it first has to go through moderation to make sure what you say is acceptable to the management of the paper.  Even for logged in commenter’s, if they say things the management doesn’t like they will have their posting privileges suspended.

It will be interesting to see how many pro-Second Amendment anonymous posts pass muster.

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