Sunday, May 13, 2012

What do you call an update that isn't?

I was going to write something about our busy weekend:

  • Grocery shopping on Saturday with Mum at three different stores
  • Mowing the lawn Saturday afternoon 
    • Bushwhacking our little jungle might me more accurate!
  • Powering the electric string trimmer and the blower after that with juice from our solar system
    • We've got the power.  We might as well use it!
  • Setting up at the Flea today
  • Selling a bunch of stuff
    • WooHoo!!!
  • Getting some actual end mills for my shop at the flea
  • Having a great Mother's Day dinner with friends
  • Messing around in the shop after we got back home
  • Replacing the regulator on the air compressor when I discovered that the quick connect fitting was mounted in stripped threads that it's previous owner gooped up with some kind of RTV so the leak wouldn't be noticed until after the thing sold at his yard sale
    • D'oh!
    • Thank goodness it didn't blow out before I discovered what was causing that leak this afternoon!
  • Hearing from my sister via Facebook for the first time in several months

It's been a busy weekend and I don't know where to start in telling the story without this post turning into one of my epic in length of not content posts.

On second thought, maybe I'll just jump in the shower then go to bed.

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