Saturday, December 8, 2012

Got a weird one in the comments

On a post from about a year ago in which I was sharing a photograph of my home built submersible ROV with someone on the phone (I now can’t remember who…) I received the strangest comment:

Прежде чем жениться обязательно посмотрите на поведение вашей избранницы вне себя это совсем другой человек

Bing translator translates that from Russian as follows:

Before you marry must see the behavior of your chosen one out yourself is a completely different person

The odd thing is that here were no links.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Question Mark!


Wolfman said...

I dont have any context for it, but I suppose its not bad advice. Most of the spam I've been getting is linkless as well, it appears to be tied to the account when you look for the commenter. I also got a pageview bomb, the spambot just looked at my page spastically for a week then went away. Apparently, the androids are dreaming of electric sheep these days

HerrBGone said...

So I guess it’s alright then – as long as we’re not finding random bits of origami…