Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm baa-aack...

Though I'm not so sure I want to be!

My intertubes have been down since Friday with modem/connectivity problems that I've only sorted out this fine evening.  While I was 'away' the whole damn world has gone stark raving mad!

Oleg suggests the rabid calls for gun control in the wake of the tragic shooting on Friday is the .gov's versin of "Oh look - a squirrel..." to get people's mind off the so-called fiscal cliff we're about to jump off head first.

Others are asking if this wasn't possibly a false flag operation in the manor of Fast & Furious.

Maybe the new age doom sayers aren't too far off with their twisted version of the Mayan long count calender supposedly 'running out' this Friday after all.  Things do seem to be falling apart all around us these past few days, don't they?

BTW: In the Gregorian calendar we don't get all worked up over the world coming to an end every December 31.  The Mayan long count just rolls over to the next 'age' on a longer time scale than ours.  Mayhaps that's why it's called the long count...  So knock it off with all the freaking out already!

Edited to add: I really hope Oleg is right.

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