Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mass Speaker of the House announces Gun Control Panel

There’s an article at on the subject of a new panel tasked with ‘reviewing and proposing revisions to’ the gun laws here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  A place I frequently refer to as Marxistchusetts for reasons that become painfully obvious to anyone who has the misfortune to live here. 

(Yes, I am planning to move.  I looked at a property in New Hampshire last night, as a matter of fact.) 

The article points out that “The task force does not include anyone from the gun lobby or the gun-manufacturing industry …”   After all, we wouldn’t want there to be anyone on the board who is actually an expert on the subject.  The second half of that sentence states one member is a "gun enthusiast and sportsman."  I don’t know any more about former Massachusetts and Louisiana Inspector General Robert Cerasoli than what’s in his bio on Wikipedia and there is no mention of his being a sportsman or what his position may be regarding the Second Amendment.  Still, one voice against seven where among the seven there is at least one noted anti-gun author.  In a court of law I would suspect them of stacking the jury.

Later in the article we find this nugget:
“Rep. David Linsky, D-Natick, has taken the lead on this issue in the House, filing a comprehensive bill to address gun violence that would require gun license applicants to disclose their mental health histories, prohibit assault weapons from being stored in homes, ban high-capacity ammunition magazines, and require gun owners to purchase liability insurance.”
Let’s rewrite this to be a bit more accurate:

Rep. David Linsky, D-Natick, has taken the lead on this issue in the House, filing a patently Unconstitutional bill to reduce private gun ownership that would require, among other things, the following:
  • gun license applicants must disclose their mental health histories to their local Chief of Police who has already been given cart blanch to disallow any applicant regardless of how qualified even if he has no real reason for doing so (not that actual criminals would bother to apply for permits for their [usually stolen] guns...)
  • prohibits modern sporting rifles from being stored in Citizens homes
  • makes mere possession of a common stamped tin box with a spring in it a felony even if you don’t have a firearm to put it in or any ammunition to put in it
  • and applies a burdensome Tax on Citizens who wish to exercise their Second Amendment Rights in the form of mandated purchase of onerously expensive insurance policies from private corporations
And that last bullet point is actually prohibited by RICO.  Think if it phrased thus: “Youz gonna do business with my associates in de insurance industry here or I’m gonna make bad things happen to you.”  Come to think of it, Obamacare violates RICO for the same reason!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Now this is just too cool!

A long time ago I was enthralled with the idea of radio controlled planes.  I even bought a used one at a yard sale.  I think my one flight lasted about three and a half seconds and ended with the prop spinner firmly planted in the runway.


The plane wasn’t that badly damaged and I did try again that same day, but I couldn’t get the engine to start.  After my one ‘less than successful’ attempt to fly my plane I pretty much gave up. 

The original idea was to put a camera on the plane and shoot in flight movies.  Back then video gear was much too big and heavy and everything about RC was expensive.  So I shelved the idea.  I had also thought of using a kite or a balloon or even a blimp to hoist a camera aloft.  So far It’s all just been the stuff of daydreams.

I did build a series of remotely operated submersibles that were remarkably successful.  The big one even had has a video camera and is operated with what they are calling these days First Person Video, or FPV.  That project was set aside around twenty years ago now when I bought a larger boat to run the ROV from.  I fixated on the boat and lost interest in the reason I bought it in the first place.

Who me?  Nah!  (cough…)

So a few weeks ago I stumbled upon this series of YouTube videos.  Flight Test to be specific.

OMG!  They are doing things with RC planes I would have thought defy the laws of physics and aerodynamics!

And the planes and equipment, while not cheap, are very affordable!  Some of the planes are positively cheap.  They are using foam board from the dollar store the way I used to use the Styrofoam cafeteria trays from the lunchroom at work to make gliders back when I was still working on the ROV.  I could very easily get roped back into the whole RC plane thing all over again.  And putting a camera on the plane is now almost commonplace!

Meanwhile there’s been a new hobby springing up of people from MIT students to sixth graders launching ‘space probes’ to the edge of space on weather balloons.

So with all this background in place I can tell you about the story I spotted in the news at lunch today.  It featured a name I recognized from the Flight Test videos.

Better yet, why don’t you just watch the video…

You will want to watch this full screen fer sure!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over…

It is fast getting to the point that our schools are more of a liability to our society than they are a benefit. 

The original point of school was education. 

Then they were quietly taken over by a group of wealthy industrialists who formed the Board of Education.  The nation wide standards they implemented for all of our schools from kindergarten through high school were designed to convert our schools into a massive manufacturing plant that produces factory workers.

In the fifties and sixties our schools were taken from the industrialists by socialists with a political agenda.  Mold the next generations into good little entitlement victims who CAN’T think for themselves and will go along with whatever the elites in government tell them.  And since there are now very few factory jobs left in America we can get the majority of them on the dole – which will make then that much easier to control.

All the while they’ve been increasing their insistence that the kids behave in a totally politically correct manor (according to whatever THEY decide happens to be politically correct at the moment).  If you’ve been reading the Dragonfly for any length of time you already know that Political Correctness was invented by Mao Tse Tung to allow the relatively small group known as the Communist Party of the Peoples Republic of China to control the vast population of what was at the time the most populous nation on the planet.

And now we have these two stories in the news:

7 Year Old Boy Suspended From School For Accidentally Chewing Pastry Into Shape of Gun

For Christ’s sake people!  This is asinine!

But wait, there’s more!  Yesterday we had another story that I linked on FaceBook.  I commented on it there, thus:

Keys to the city? A parade in their honor? A medal from the Governor?

Nope! How about suspended for being "involved in a violent incident."

All I can surmise from this is that the schools actually WANT your kids to be shot in the head so they can become "useful victims" in the march toward a defenseless population. Makes it easier for the coming dictatorship to weasel their way into power. If the next generation can be conditioned not to get involved regardless the cause it will be that much easier still.

Cypress HS students suspended for disarming gunman?
Student gets 3 day suspension after wrestling away gun


AMERICA cannot be taken from without.  But it has been thoroughly corrupted from within.  Our government routinely ignores the Constitution.  Our schools no longer educate – instead they condition our children to be mindless sheep, dependent on government for their very existence.  Many (but thankfully not all) of our corporations only care about their shareholders bottom lines regardless of any greater harm they may do.

How long can We the People sit by and watch as power-mad idiots who think themselves elite destroy the very fabric of our society?  And what, short of armed rebellion, can we do to save ourselves?

Me?  I’m working to start my own business and put my own finances in order.  I am working to disentangle myself from the snares our society has come to be used to.  I am trying to place myself on defensible high ground, armed with the knowledge of what is going on around us.

How about you?  What are you doing for yourself to take care of yourself?  The government is bankrupt – both morally as well as financially.  What’s more, they have no real interest in taking care of you.  Once you cease to be useful to them they will have no further need to provide for you.  What will you do then?  The time to figure that out is now.

Be vigilant.