Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our .gov at work

If “they” can stop We the People from using large swaths of common words it will become difficult – if not impossible – to have a simple conversation.  It’s as if the .gov wants to restrict the free flow of ideas among a free people.  Well, I guess we’ve reached the point where political correctness has worn thin and those who would try to control the dialogue are trying to replace fear of social ostracism with the real fear that the .gov may not take kindly to what we may want to innocently chat about.

Of course we all know that that’s not a bug – it’s a feature.

Well, guess what, guys?

I recently took the initiative to acquire a drill equipped with a vice that will enable me to manufacture a variety of things.  Link Link Link

And I frequently write about the facility I have put in place to mitigate the effects of the power grid going down.  I can now manufacture my own electricity.  I took these steps in response to two incidents where the power grid went down as the result of a natural disaster and all the food in my refrigerator went bad.  Not that any of it might have actually become toxic or anything.  Still, it’s better to avoid possible contamination that could cause food poisoning.  As expensive as all those groceries were, I just threw the stuff out…  The black out lasted eleven and a half days during the first service disruption!  That first disaster was caused by an ice storm.  The second was from an early snow when the trees all still had their leaves.  They are calling it the Halloween Blizzard though I don’t think it was really that bad.  Link Link Link Link

While we’re talking about the weather, we had an interesting lightening storm last night!  There was a warning from the National Weather Service and everything, though I didn’t see anything from the Emergency Broadcast System

And while we’re at it, I only saw the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Maybe I’m spending too much of my time on social media

Krazy Kontraptions: Steadicam®

One of my favorite toys is my Steadicam® JR (pronounced “Steady-Cam Jay Are”).  I haven’t used it in a long time because I was having problems with the camera that’s mounted on it.  This very afternoon at lunch I ordered a few things from that will let me referb my rig and mount my much newer and better camera.  (Since it’s now discontinued I figured I’d better grab the stuff while it’s still available!)  Hopefully I’ll be posting some cool videos of my own before too awfully long.

In the mean time, here’s an interview with Garret Brown demoing a couple of the big rigs:

YouTube can be such a fun place to loose an entire evening!

PS: Just out of curiosity: Can someone please explain to me how the New & Unproved interface and composition tools (that make it damn near imfuckingpossible to do ANYTHING creative – even simply embeding a couple of YouTube videos – without resorting to raw HTML coding) is an improvement?  Cause I ain’t seeing it!  Word to the wise, guys, I already bailed on LiveJournal when their interface became unusable.  You need to fix this yesterday!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A jaw-droppingly brilliant plan

Well, actually...

The Stupid is strong with this one!


Matter of fact, Mum and I heard the BOLO on our scanner when it happened.  I probably would have missed it in (the on-line edition of) the paper otherwise.

EDIT: Fixed my jaw-droppingly lousy spelling.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

What do you call an update that isn't?

I was going to write something about our busy weekend:

  • Grocery shopping on Saturday with Mum at three different stores
  • Mowing the lawn Saturday afternoon 
    • Bushwhacking our little jungle might me more accurate!
  • Powering the electric string trimmer and the blower after that with juice from our solar system
    • We've got the power.  We might as well use it!
  • Setting up at the Flea today
  • Selling a bunch of stuff
    • WooHoo!!!
  • Getting some actual end mills for my shop at the flea
  • Having a great Mother's Day dinner with friends
  • Messing around in the shop after we got back home
  • Replacing the regulator on the air compressor when I discovered that the quick connect fitting was mounted in stripped threads that it's previous owner gooped up with some kind of RTV so the leak wouldn't be noticed until after the thing sold at his yard sale
    • D'oh!
    • Thank goodness it didn't blow out before I discovered what was causing that leak this afternoon!
  • Hearing from my sister via Facebook for the first time in several months

It's been a busy weekend and I don't know where to start in telling the story without this post turning into one of my epic in length of not content posts.

On second thought, maybe I'll just jump in the shower then go to bed.