Monday, October 10, 2011

Busy Weekend

Sunday morning as I was getting ready to break fast I noticed one of my neighbors down the street dragging out a couple of tables into her driveway and putting out stuff for a sale.  When we finally got out of the house I found out that she was not alone.

As it turned out Mum and I didn’t make it to the flea after all.  There was a full fledged neighborhood wide yard sale going on, apparently both Saturday and Sunday.  I knew nothing about is on Saturday – which was no doubt a good thing since I managed to get a lot that needed doing done around the house.

So Mum and I drove all around the neighborhood looking for bargains.  We didn’t actually get out on the open road until after one o’clock – and that was jut to go across the street into the industrial park because there was a yard sale going on over there too!

My haul consisted primarily of tools for my shop.  At one sale I picked up a whole slew of drill bits.  They look brand new and set me back a whopping $2.  At the same sale I got a small stick welder that runs on regular house currant.  That set me back all of $10.  I may spend as much as the welder cost me at Lowe’s buying welding rod.  At the sale across the street at the ‘got junk’ place I got a small electric chain saw.  So now I’ll be all set for the zombie apocalypse – at least for as long as the generator holds out…

Mum got a slew of romance novels – to help turn her into a zombie…  (CQTM!)

I did finally make it down the street to drop off the stuff I’d loaded up Saturday night in our storage bin. 

Then we met a friend at Uno’s for a late lunch.  Lunch was good but the desert was to die for!  Bananas Foster!  I don’t care if it sends my glucose into the stratosphere – it’s that good!

Now I said something about going to work to rest…  Not a chance!  I’ve spent the morning taking measurements of various rooms for the guy who’s planning some changes around the office.

I need a nap!

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