Saturday, October 8, 2011


As in working on my home…

So far today I’ve:

[x]     Dug out my workshop so I can actually get at some of the tools.
[x]      Reassembled Mum’s closet that had to be taken apart to deal with a leaking pipe in back of the water heater.
[x]     Cleaned up the “Payphone” – It’s a novelty telephone that is made to look like a classic Bell System payphone from the mid sixties.
[x]      Installed the payphone.  This included:
[x]          Running a line from the Vonage box to the “Phone Booth” (actually the bathroom.  If you don’t tell I won’t…)
[x]          Removing and reinstalling the skirting all down the port side of the house to run the phone line behind it
[x]        Fixing some of the skirting in the process
[x]          Installing a wall plate opposite the “phone booth seat” to mount the payphone on
[x]          Repositioning the paneling that was still disassembled from when the valve in the tub was replaced
[x]          And finally testing the phone

Still on my to do list for today is

[x]     Finish reassembling the wall the payphone is mounted on
[ ]     Finish installing the valve in the tub.  This will include:
[ ]          Getting out my saws-all and ‘tweaking’ the opening in the tub surround to let me:
[ ]          install the second long screw that holds on the face plate
[ ]          Finally be able to put the cap on the center of the knob
[x]      Put Mum’s scooter back in Thunder where it will be out of my way
[x]      Put my welder next to Mum’s scooter in Thunder
[x]     Load up the overflow from the shop in Galileo so I can:
[ ]      Bring it to Storage

I said over on FaceBook that I was looking forward to work on Monday so I can rest.  Actually, that’s sounding better all the time!

UPDATE: Checked off a few more things from my list.  Mum’s got supper on the stove so I think the rest will have to wait.  I’ll drop off the stuff for storage tomorrow on our way to the flea.

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