Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Going back to work tomorrow …

… to rest!

Mum and I accomplished the last major item we had hoped to while I was on vacation today.  We test drove a Ford Transit Connect.  I like it!  And I’m even more sure that one will be our next car.  I just don’t know when that may be.

The model I’m interested in s the XLT Wagon not Special.  I want the 60/40 split bench in back and the truck-like panels instead of windows in back.  The XLT Special Wagon has windows all around.   

I first became interested in these trucks after I had put an offer on a former county jail that I was going to run as a Bed & Breakfast.  The Transit would have been the company car, owned (or leased) by the business, and decorated to resemble a paddy wagon with fake bars in the back windows and the B&B logo on the panels where the way back windows would be in the XLT Special Wagon.  Looks like I wont be doing the B&B thing after all.  But I still like the truck!

They didn't have the wagon on the lot so I drove the XLT Van version instead.  Mum was able to get in the car without too much difficulty.  That was a big part of the test right there.

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