Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I had a thunk...

Moments ago somebody mentioned spaghetti here at work.

Somebody else replied "Well, it is Wednesday..."

Which called to mind a couple of old TV commercials.  The first was the
classic ad featuring young Anthony Martignetti running through the
streets of the North End.  The second featured a twenty-something young
man, winded from his run, being asked by a local restaurateur "Hey
Anthony!  Where were you on Wednesday?"

And that in turn had me scripting the third in the series:

An old man is riding his Rascal mobility scooter down the sidewalk.

An elderly woman yells out an upper floor window "Hey Anthony!"

He reaches up to adjust his hearing aid, looks up, squints through his
bifocals and waves.  He hollers back to the window "Is it soup yet?"

Wait!  That's the wrong commercial...

Posted after I got home having emailed this to myself from work.

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