Friday, June 29, 2012

Is that so?

According to this article at The Justice Department (headed by Eric Holder) will not be prosecuting Eric Holder, who earlier this week was found to be in contempt of Congress, because in the opinion of the Justice Department (headed by Eric Holder) Holder did not commit a crime when he chose to ignore a subpoena issued by Congress to produce documents needed to investigate (among other things) the murder (very definitely a crime) of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry with weapons illegally sold to straw buyers acting on behalf of the Mexican drug cartels at the insistence of BATFE(IEIO) which is part of the Justice Department (headed by Eric Holder) and against the wishes of the gun shop owners who were ordered to do so by the agency that regulates their industry and can shut them down on a whim if they don’t play along, in an operation called Fast & Furious (whoever thunk this one up wasn’t very swift – and I’m furious over it) that senior management (Eric Holder) should have known about from all the emails about it that he claims not to have read (which is part of his job as head of the Justice Department). But there’s no conflict of interest here…

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