Saturday, June 16, 2012

Moderation, not Reasoned Discourse™

The Eclectic Dragonfly has just switched to Moderated Comments because the Word Verification widget “hoovers” so badly. It used to work. Then they fixed it…

What does this change mean?

You will no longer have your visual acuity challenged by having to retype some ridiculously screwed up jumble of text to prove you are a human. It also means I will have to wade through a pile intellectually challenged of spambot crap to sort out the real comments from the dross. More pain for me – hopefully less of same for you. Also, it may take a while for me to get around to approving your comments. Please be patient! I will get to it – eventually…

My comment policies are very libertarian – like my politics. I’ll approve pretty much anything you want to say provided there is no personally identifiable information about thee, me or any third party. I will not allow threats of violence, slander or liable. The occasional cuss word doesn’t bother me. Just keep in mind that anybody can read what you write and it may come back to you at the most embarrassing of moments. In general, as long as you keep it legal within the intent of the Framers of our Constitution and suitable for polite conversation among friends, we should get along fine.

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