Sunday, July 1, 2012

A car with a ‘tude!

Unless you’ve had Volkswagens in your life for any length of time you will probably not understand this post.  If you have, you will be able to relate!

Of the three VW’s in the family Galileo* is the one that gets driven the most.  Thunder** is waiting for me to have the time to work on him and get him back on the road.  I don’t think that’s too likely at this point and he may be sold to someone who does have the time.  Fritz*** is already back on the road with his new owner.

So a week ago Friday I made the executive decision to rearrange the motor pool and park the flea van with the leaky roof vent under the carport where the leak won’t cause any more damage to the contents of the van than had already happened.

Apparently Galileo was not happy about that idea.  That means he has to sit out in the uncovered part of the driveway where the van had been parked.  I explained to him as I pulled him into his temporary parking spot that the van isn’t water tight and it would only be until I got the van fixed.  Then we’d switch everybody back. 


When I went to roll up Galileo’s driver’s side window he stopped the window at half mast and rolled it back down on his own!  Then he wouldn’t roll it back up!!!  “Now who’s less water tight?” I could swear I heard in Galileo’s voice.


I started the motor back up and this time helped the window past the spot where it slowed down.  Closed and water tight enough for me.

As I walked to the house I reminded Galileo that the bank has already cleared me for a car loan that would be more than enough to put something reliable in the driveway.  So don’t screw with me kid, or you’ll need to find a new driveway to snooze in.

   * Galileo is a 1998 “New” Beetle
 ** Thunder is a 1985 Vanagon Wesfalia full camper (2.1L waterboxer)
*** Fritz is a 1971 Superbeetle (sold last spring & back on the road)
  x The flea van is a 1997 Chevy Astro AWD former phone company van

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Roger said...

Stout fellow! You're doing good things Doctor Dave. If the motor of the Astro is running well, it should last for a very long while. Just change the oil religiously. A/C could be installed with parts from a junkyard. For that matter many junk yards do mechanical work, and might handle the entire thing for you.