Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Blogy Stuff

When I logged in to remove the unwanted blank video I just mentioned I was greeted by a note from the Blogger Staff across the top of my old school blogger interface.  They want me to update to the new and unproved blogger interface because the old interface will be going away “in the next few months.”

But the new interface (how shall I put it?) HOOVERS!  It draws a vacuum!  It inhales so sharply as to create a vortex down which the entire blogger community rides on its way to the great leach field of the intertubes!  On a good day the new interface most closely resembles an over promised but under delivered junior high project that was abandoned after receiving a disappointing grade from the shop teacher.

I am not at all impressed with the lack of robustness in the functionality of the new user interface.  It is so bad I actually went on a quest in search of the old interface!  While it lacks most of the bells and whistles of the new interface, at least IT WORKS!

As I have stated previously: If the functionality of the new user interface is not significantly improved, and I'll now add if the old interface is taken away in favor of the abortion that was created to replace it, I will jump ship from Blogger just as I already have from LiveJournal.  And I suspect that I am not alone in this.

And while we’re at it, apparently LJ found my post about not posting over there and linking to the New Dragonfly over here and removed it.  Ain’t that sweet?  I’ll have to go over there and put it back.  I have the text archived around here somewhere.  Or maybe I’ll just write something new about them taking away the old link.  Whatever.

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