Sunday, July 1, 2012

Printing readable maps from Google Maps

I finally came up with a technique for printing readable maps from Google.

1. Find the area you want a map of and zoom so it almost fills your screen
2. Click [PrtScrn] on your keyboard
3. Open Microsoft Paint
4. With the curser in the drawing window press [crtl] [v] to paste
    (That’s an old WordPerfect keyboard shortcut.)
5. Leaving the fence around what you just pasted click and drag the image
    up and left so only the portion of the map you want is visible
6. Using the scroll bars go to the lower right corner of the drawing window
7. Click outside the drawing window to dismiss the fence
8. click and drag the nearly impossible to see corner window resize handle
    to crop the bottom and right sides of the map to where you want it
9. Save the file and close Paint
10. Open the file in Microsoft Photo Editor
11. In the [Image] pull down select [Balance]
12. Drag the Brightness slider to approximately the second mark from the left
13. Drag the Contrast slider to approximately the second or third mark from the right
14. Save the file

You can either print directly from MS Photo Editor or reopen the file in Paint. I happen to be more comfortable with the Print Menu in Paint since I’ve been using that for a lot of years. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for printing directions unless you want to spend all morning on image manipulation.

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