Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Analyzing the News

At the HerrBGone Homestead V2.0 both Mum and I have the Boston classical station on our clock radios.  We’ve listened to Laura’s morning show for years.  Unfortunately the station was sold to our local PBS affiliate a couple of years ago, so now we are regaled with NPR News at the bottom of the hour.  Bias much?  The “report” about last night’s debate during the 6:30 “News” sounded like a campaign ad for the incumbent.

To the “News” (paraphrased because my photographic memory ain’t so much any more…):

Reporter: Last night The President was much more spirited than in the first debate.

Cut to a sound byte of the incumbent sounding very presidential.

Then the reporter tells us, in a somewhat dismissive tone of voice, something that the challenger said.

Then we go to a another reporter who claimed to have watched the debate at a “bi-partisan campaign event” I don’t recall exactly where.

Cut to ‘da mose iliterite sound’n conservative dey coul find in da whole frik’n croud.’

Cut to a hip young liberal who started out sounding almost complimentary: “I was very surprised by how smooth [the challenger] was.  He’s a very good debater.  Real slick.  Of course I didn’t believe half of what he said…’

Cut back to Laura: “And in local sports …”

Nope.  No bias there.  [eyeroll]

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