Sunday, October 14, 2012

Prepping is going mainstream

And I think that is a good thing!

Seen in the wild at my local Wal*Mart:

As always, click on the image for a larger version.

Each of these buckets claim to keep four people fed for 72 hours.  They also claim to last for 25 years if properly stored.  I haven't done a cost breakdown (and I probably won't bother to be perfectly honest...) but it does seem a bit spendy.  But to be able to exchange a fist-full of worthless FRN's for a ready made kit seems to me to be a very good idea.

Other stores have similar items available on-line.  Costco, for examples has a whole section of their food page dedicated to storage food.  BJ’s has a smaller section.  Neither have any of their storage food available in-store.

However you get it (provided it’s through legal means) you should lay in a supply of food to keep you going in the event on “unforeseen circumstances.”  It doesn’t have to be a full scale SHTF catastrophe.  An extended power failure, as but one example, will shutter the grocery store.  If your cupboard’s bare it won’t refill itself particularly if the stores are closed or the normal supply lines are disrupted.


Mr.B said...

Before you buy that buld "survival food" take a close look at the contents AND the calorie count per serving.

many times it is based on a 1000 or 1200 calorie per day diet.

If you are in a grid-down type situation, 1000 calories/day is at best starvation level nutrition....
you'll likely need closer to 4k or more.

But it is better than nothing.

Just be aware

HerrBGone said...

Absolutely! Better than nothing is just that. That's why I included the back panel information.

Costco (among others) has a better selection. Their equivalent bucket claims to keep 1 adult alive with 2100 calories per day for 1 month broken out into 330 servings. (Or 2 people for two weeks, or ...) It's a start and something to build upon. Not a total solution in and of itself.

I was just surprised to see this at Wal*Mart. Even this little bit is probably more than a lot of people have at this point.