Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Originally written as a comment on Facebook

Over on the Book of Face JayG posted a link to a poll of police officers regarding background checks, “assault weapons” bans and the like vis-à-vis their affect on crime.  The poll results don’t sound like any of the polls touted by the various Joyce shills.  The headline as reported at reads:

Police Poll: Armed Citizens, not Gun Control, Will Lower Violent Crime

In the comments left wing anti-gun troll Jay Adams went on a fairly typical rant about how according to his world view all firearms enthusiasts have a secret desire to be Chuck Norris.  I could make some snarky comment about his Chuck Norris envy stemming from a closer affinity to Christopher Lowell – except that I like Christopher Lowell and wouldn’t want to insult him (Christopher) like that!

Anyway, to get back on point, here’s what I wrote in the comments, which I think fairly well sums up the real ‘ignore that man behind the curtain’ reason so many politicians want the citizens, that is We the People, disarmed:

Jay Adams' Chuck Norris projection problems aside, the real issue has never been crime prevention.  The real agenda all along is the consolidation of power in the hands of those who hold it today.  (“Today” being any given moment in history.)  Those drawn to power are not generally all that willing to relinquish it.  Or to share it, for that matter.  An armed population has a power all its own that mere politicians have reason to keep in mind as they grab for ever more power of their own.  Eventually there comes a point where they overreach what the population will bear.  Case in point: The battle of Athens.   On the other hand, if the politicians can convince enough of the population that those of us who exercise our god-given rights as enshrined in the Constitution ARE the problem and can convince them that the solution is to gradually and incrementally move toward the eventual elimination of private firearms ownership – at least for the law abiding – then the politicians will have far less to fear as they grab ever more control of our daily lives.

Pardon me while I go refill my illegal in New York City size glass of soda…

I’ll add this one point here while I’m on the subject: Crime, violent crime in particular and the more spectacular the better, serves the politicians interests by keeping the level of fear high enough to allow them to push through their disarmament agenda.  With their false claims that the various proposed infringements of a specifically enumerated right that “shall not be infringed” will somehow magically cause violent criminals to stop misbehaving they hope enough of the general population will go along with the infringements.  If possible even with eliminating a chief canard of the Bill of Rights itself!  Sadly with the decades long corruption of our schools and the dearth of real education of our recent generations they may yet succeed…

Be vigilant!

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