Saturday, January 1, 2011

All they care about is the money

And all of that is worthless fiat!

Today’s headline from

Last week Cam Edwards had a “Deal of the Day” segment on Cam & Co, relating the story of Dominic Cinelli, a 57 year old career criminal who it turns out had been serving three concurrent life sentences in a Massachusetts prison.  Turns out he was granted parole and was back out on the streets anyway.  A week ago tomorrow, at the height of the blizzard, he and two cronies robbed the Kohl’s in Woburn.  That was the day after Christmas, by the way.  On their way out they were intercepted by police and Cinelli opened fire.  (I guess the whole ‘felon in position of a firearm’ thing wasn’t a concern of his. After all, he was released from prison anyway despite being sentenced to three, count ‘em three life sentences!)  A Woburn cop, John Maguire, who was planning to retire from the force come October was murdered by Cinelli.  Cinelli was killed when other officers returned fire.

Three life sentences, yet he’s out on parole and kills a cop.  But the probation commissioner, who’s office was supposed to be keeping an eye on this guy, resigns as a result of a scandal over misuse of taxpayer funds.  Not because one of his charges has reoffended – and killed someone in the process.  I guess that’s par for the course.

The person who should be resigning it the head of the parole board who let this creep out in the first place!

Better still – fire ‘em all and start over! 

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