Monday, April 9, 2012

But I was hoping to get some rest…

OK, change of plans.  Instead of rest we’ll get in some preper training instead.  I thought the CPR/AED/ETC training I’d signed up for at work was next week.  If you haven’t had any follow-up training in the past couple of years you will want to update your skills.  They have changed a lot.  Adult CPR used to be A B C.  Airway, Breathing, Compressions.  Now it’s C A B.  Compressions first: 30 compressions at 100 per minute then head tilt* and lift chin to clear the airway, then two breaths.

* ONLY if you do not suspect a head or neck injury.

The rest remains much the same as I remember from my previous certification class.  It is good to review periodically anyway.

And one last thing: Don’t be the guy who’s watched every medical show on TV for the last thirty years and thinks he knows everything without needing any further training.  You don’t need to trach someone who’s suffering from low blood sugar.

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