Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oh no. Not again…

After all the gorgeous weather we had a couple of weeks back Shirley decided to open her flea market a week early.  (Rt. 122 in Hollis, NH.  Come on down!)  Then the weather decided to go back to more “seasonal” temperatures.  We’ll be setting up there or in one of the other fields next door or across the street this year.  The van won’t be registered till tomorrow so our first week setting up won’t be until next Sunday.

So there I am bright and early this morning, sitting by the payphone doing the necessary when I suddenly stat hearing dripping.  At first I thought it was raining, but it’s too bright for that out the little frosted window that provides light for the thinking room.  I made hast to the front door and looked out into the driveway, past the (new to us) van over to where Thunder is parked next to the car port.  Sunny and dry.  Where the blazes is that dripping coming from?

OMG!  The water heater!

I went in Mum’s room and put my ear to the wall next to her closet.  The other side of that thin sheet of Canadian wallpaper is the little closet where our water heater lives.

Drip drip drrrriiiipppp drip.

<expletive deleted>

So I put on my LL Bean barn coat, I’d left my MA1 flight jacket in the car when we were out yesterday, got a cordless drill from the shop, chucked up a Phillips screwdriver bit and went out to asses the damage.

Huh?  L I B !

Right there next to the door to the water heater closet is this nice little stream of wet running down the siding from a gap in the drip edge that runs along the entire length of the house.  Drip drip onto the siding and top flashing of the skirting.  It’s not the water heater after all!

The universe was playing an April Fools joke on me – and a good one!

OK, You got me!

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Thankful it was not the hot water heater-----