Saturday, September 24, 2011

Had another Dragonfly incident today

As I pulled up to the mailboxes this afternoon there came a rustling from one of the grocery bags in the way back.  (Since I never have more than one passenger but often carry quite a bit of stuff I keep the back seat of my now 13 year old “New” Beetle folded down in what I call stealth pickup truck mode.)  I turned to see if I could see where all the commotion was coming from.  It was the weirdest thing!  Only one bag was moving, and rather insistently at that! 

‘Can’t be the wind doing that, ’ I thunk to myself. 

It stopped when I popped the hatch, but had started back up again by the time I’d walked around back to investigate further.  There, in among the bananas, was one of the largest Dragonflies I have ever seen!  He (assuming…) was about five inches long from canopy to end of tail boom and had a wingspan nearly equal to his length. His fuselage was all black with green, blue and white spots in a geometric pattern and he had large white eyes.  I wish I’d had my camera with me so I could share a picture of him with you.  Unfortunately I didn’t and can’t.  :-(  Maybe next time…

I have no idea when he got in the car or where.  But I let him out over by our mailboxes.  Our local skeeters have something new to worry about!  Poor them…  (Teehee!)

Actually, he looked similar to the Dragonfly in this amazing photo:

 Found at EzWebRUs with Bing Image Search

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