Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The magpie strikes

Sunday was a good day at the flea market.  I got a few of things – and I didn’t spend a whole lot of cash to get them.

One of the items is a Delta 15” Scroll Saw.  This one is much nicer than the one I can now put on Craigslist.  The other saw has a power take-off that has a flat sanding wheel attachment.  I have a dedicated sander for that with a 1” belt and disk so the one on the other saw is redundant.  As is the saw itself now that I have the new one.  The Delta saw set me back all of $20.  I was at Lowe’s the other day and saw a comparable new scroll saw for something like $189 and change, plus the Governors share at 6.5%.  The sales tax alone would be more than half what I paid for my saw!

The other item of note is my new-to-me 50 channel portable scanner.  My old 200 channel scanner simply wore out.  Several buttons on the keyboard stopped working and it became uncontrollable.  We’ve been scannerless for several years as a result.  This new used one seems to work reasonably well.  And it cost me a whole bunch less than my old (formerly) spiffy one!

Another thing I picked up, for all of $2, is a nicer vintage Osterizer Cyclomatic blender than the newer 2-speed beehive one we make our breakfast smoothies with.  Our light-weight plastic cans fit the new one and it’s got ten speeds and two modes to use them in! Now if I could just find a manual for it… 

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