Friday, September 23, 2011

New & Unproved!

Over at the Old Dragonfly back when I was posting on LiveJournal there was a blogroll.  It was a fairly static thing and it was a PITA to revise in any way.  Now that the Dragonfly has been upgraded to a Blogger account, and now that I am actually posting here again, just last night I discovered that Blogger has a much more betterer blogroll than I'd ever imagined possible without having to custom craft an intertube site all by my lonesome.  (Which isn't too likely for anything more technically challenging than my Punch Buggy-centric site Beetlemania...)

The New & Unproved Blogroll now features auto-sorting by most recent post. 

But wait!  There's MORE!

It even features the headline of each blog listed's most recent post!  How cool is that?

And what's more, it's a breeze to update.  If only the rest of life could be that easy!

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