Wednesday, September 21, 2011

There’ll be blood in the streets!

So why is it that the Governor of New Hampshire and thirty of the states Chiefs of Police are siding with violent criminals over the right of the states far more numerous law abiding citizens to defend themselves?  Have these government officials, whose job it is to work for the benefit of the citizens, not heard all of the mounting evidence that the bad guys prefer not to attack hardened targets?  IE: people who are empowered to defend themselves up to and including the use of deadly force if the bad guy makes it necessary?  Or do they simply not care?

One of the chiefs quoted in this article in the local cat box liner asked (I’ll paraphrase) ‘how are the police supposed to know who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy under this new law?’

I suppose it used to be easy for them.  The one on the ground bleeding or dead may be presumed to be the victim and the one whose bloody footprints they track down the sidewalk until they loose the trail may be presumed to be the bad guy.  They can probably handle that without too much difficulty. 

But when the good guy is holding the bad guy at gunpoint waiting for the police to arrive it may tax their little minds to realize that the guy who just holstered his weapon upon their arrival, put his hands on top of his head and said “Glad to see you, Officer!  Transferring custody of the suspect to you.” might actually be the good guy even though he just had a firearm in his hand.

They may actually have to think for themselves.

Now for the vast majority of Peace Officers in the field this shouldn’t be a problem.  But I suppose these Chiefs know their rank and file better than I ever will.  Hopefully they will institute appropriate new training for their officers to be equipped to handle these situations when they occur in the field.

It seems as if these Chiefs of Police have never heard the answer to the often asked question:  “Why carry a gun?”

“Because a whole COP is too damn heavy!”

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