Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last night on the intertubes

Last night I was pleased to have a talkback read on air by Cam.  Sort of...  ;-)

The subject in question was the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership's tweet plugging some basketball game that's supposed to promote peace love and understanding among the gangbangers in some city I don't now recall.  The big deal of this little 'happening' is supposed to be a couple of rappers showing up in support of the Brady's and to promote their own anti-violence agenda.

Yeah, right.

Cam played a about half a minute each of a couple of these choirboys songs (heavily bleeped out.)  That's about all we could stand of this vile, vulgar and incredibly violent noise.

My talkback (in full) was as follows:

      "Music?  (Insert rude noise here...)"

As read on-air
Cam said: "Music?" with heavy stress to the incredulity of the thought - then he made a face at the camera.

That works too, LOL!

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