Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last night on the intertubes - Part II

In the last five minutes of the show - nowhere near enough time to read and respond to a talkback - I sent in another one.  The subject under discussion at the time was a meeting at the UN of the Food Police.  These are a bunch of NGO's and vegan hippies that want to use the UN to force their dietary choices on the rest of us.  After all, they're so smart and good and only have our best interests at heart.  Much like the First Mommy, Michelle Obama getting Olive Garden and MacDonald's to change their menu to make her feeeeel like she's helping us provincials eat healthier.

Michelle, I am older than you.  I am smarter than your husband.*  I will make my own decisions - whether you want me too or not.


If I’m recalling correctly, Cam was talking along the lines of having to negotiate with the kid behind the counter who thinks you should have the tofu instead of the colossal cardioburger.  My talkback went something like this:

No, no, Cam.  You’re going to have to show your FOOD Card (kind-of like a FOID Card and almost as hard to get…) and if your cholesterol number or BMI are too high: no fries for you.

I just hope I’m not giving the .gov any ideas…

* He doesn't qualify to join MENSA.  I could if I wanted to.  I've just never been a joiner.  Compare with Bill Watterson's comments about having Calvin join the Scouts.

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