Friday, September 23, 2011

More blog stuff & a question...

Back in the olden days of the Dragonfly over at LJ I used to run a feature called HerrBGone's Toy Box..  These were posts showing off various airguns from my collection.  On the evening of November 4, 2008, after it became apparent that a former Joyce Foundation board member had sweet-talked his way into the White House, I pulled all but one of those posts down.  With that, the Dragonfly lost much of its purpose.

After seeing for the past three years just how ineffective The Light Bringer has been at imposing his bosses anti-gun agenda on the country I am left with this question:

Should I bring back the Toy Box and start posting some of my goodies herebouts, or is even the outside chance of a second term (perish the thought!) enough to not provide the .gov a de facto registration of many of my 'toys'?

Let me know what you think by way of the comments.  Thanks!

UPDATE:  I just dug out my Healthways Western Plainsman that I discuss in that post from the old Dragonfly and tried it for the first time. I'd been afraid to load it with modern BB's. It works fine as a single shot muzzle-loader but it won't feed from the inline magazine. :-( Oh well.

And I'd completely forgotten about the nice western holster I had it in. I need to go into the old pistol cabinet more often...

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