Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 7, 2011

Seven decades after that infamous day.  Much about our world has changed – but much about the condition of man remains the same.  Great powers come and go.  Nations go to war. Sometimes for noble purposes.  Other times for greed and ambition.  And some times peaceful nations have war thrust upon them.

On this day we reflect and remember those who served their nation so long ago.  Some now advanced in age having survived both the war that was thrust upon them that day and a lifetime since who are now too frail in body (but never in spirit!) to make the pilgrimage to Hawaii after so many years.  And some who are still there having never left their duty stations – the first casualties of the war.

Once bitter enemies, today Japan and the United States are friends.  Staunch allies and trading partners.  How times change.

But there remain both nations and groups that eschew peaceful relations for what they think are the ‘glories’ of war.  Striving for fame, power and dominance over their fellow man, or simply out of hatred and fear they choose the path of destruction both for their enemies and ultimately for themselves.  How things remain the same.

On Veterans Day we pause to honor our nations Men at Arms, past and present.  Those who have honorably served, defending their nation from the time of the Revolution to this very day around the world.

But on This Day we pay special tribute to those veterans who woke up to a beautiful, peaceful Sunday morning in Pearl Harbor Hawaii and were thrust without warning into the realm of legend.

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