Friday, December 30, 2011

Well, ain’t that interesting?

In my recent post about my technique for dealing with a cold I mentioned the Dayquil/Nyquil combination of over the counter cold remedies.  Checking my logs this morning I see that I was paid a visit by “The Procter and Gamble Company” of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Welcome aboard, guys.  Have a look around.  All are welcome here at the Dragonfly.

BTW: I only know it was them because they have their own ISP that puts their name in the logs.  Google does the same thing.  (Hi –j @ work!)  [Odd that I’m not seeing visits from the other search engines.  Then again, they do own Blogspot…]  So unless you are running your own ISP with your name on it, there is no personally identifiable information logged beyond your IP Address.  And that’s just your computers address assigned by your ISP.  There’s no way of knowing exactly who is sitting at your computer at any given time.  That’s not to say that the spooks down around the Beltway aren’t monitoring you through the web cam you have so conveniently provided…

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HerrBGone said...

They're ba-ack... And I'd like to know what search engine they are using!