Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oh by the way…

It was extremely windy here last night.  Sadly my weather station doesn’t have an anemometer so I can’t tell you exactly how windy it was. But I can tell you that some guests had the windows rattling pretty good!

Anywho…  When I checked this morning the solar panels on the roof looked fine.  They came through the wind storm unscathed.  The meter on the top end of the system (the one listed as optional in the schematic) said the panels were producing about 24 VDC.  That’s their typical open circuit voltage in full sun.  The charge controller shows the batteries at 13.5 VDC which is fully charged.  So everything there is working exactly as it should.

I still feel that I should be doing something with this extra capacity.  I’m not sure what though.  

Hmmm…  Maybe I should set up a trail camera in the back yard to catch the park manager violating the 940CMR 10.03(8)(b) requirement to give the residents reasonable notice that he’s going to come on our lots.  I’ve received several nastygrams from them about things you can’t see from the street.  I have yet to receive a single notification that he was gong to come around to inspect my lot.  Criminal trespass?  He’s soaking in it!

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