Friday, December 30, 2011

You may have noticed …

… if you took a close look at my never-ending To Do List that the “Amphibian De Jure” was the sleep study I mentioned previously

Perhaps it should have been called the ‘toss and turn on an uncomfortable bed with impossible to sleep on pillows while wired up like the house in the Christmas Lights video I linked to last weekend’ study.  The first three times I managed to actually fall asleep I woke up almost immediately from snoring.  Hours later, and after having the tech reroute the wires so they weren’t wrapped around my neck, I did actually manage to get a tiny bit of REM sleep.  I remember exactly two very short dreams.  In one Mum and I were dropping of a walker to a friend who was most appreciative.  In the other I was at a gas station with another friend who pulled the car up to one of those put two quarters in the slot and you can fill up your tires machines.  I told her not to bother with that.  Come back to my place and I’ll fire up my compressor.  Then you can fill your tires for free.

Then it was back to tossing and turning.

I was finally unwired and allowed to leave around five thirty this morning.  I drove home in full dark and arrived at the house just as the sky was beginning to lighten in the early predawn.  I haven’t been out and about this early in years!

The study was supposed to be split between diagnostics for the first several hours and possible treatment with a CPAP machine after that.  Provided I meet the insurance company’s qualifications…  Apparently I didn’t.  It’s hard to meet the qualifications when you can’t get to sleep – regardless how tired you may be.

Regulations prohibit the tech from discussing the results directly with me.  (… because that might actually provide me with some useful information.)  It has to be filtered through the physician who ordered the study.  We’ll see what (if anything) comes from it.

I finally did get some sleep after I was home and in my own bed.  I even got up before noon!  11:58AM is before noon, if not by much…

One good thing did come from my going there.  I got to see the episode of American Masters about Charles and Ray Eames.  That’s the kind of design studio I should be working at or own!

* sigh *

It looks like fun!

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